• Please note that due to an internal change, data from The Bellevue Hospital will be unavailable until further notice. 

  • If you are using theTwo-Factor Authentication (2FA) email option when logging into the Community Health Record (CHR), you may notice an error in delivery of your 6-digit code due to a issue that is unrelated to CliniSync.  Please note that CliniSync’s vendor is actively working on a resolution.  In the interim, please use the QR code option to access your login code. The Clinical User Guide here.

    • Please note that the QR code must be scanned using an authenticator application such as Google Authenticator.
    • A recording of a previous webinar concerning 2FA is available here.
    • To find out more about how 2FA works in the CHR, please watch the following video here.
  • CliniSync has been alerted that the VA has identified a critical data omission in the JHIE Aggregated Continuity of Care Document (CCD) currently provided through eHealth Exchange and CommonWell networks.  Please be aware that the Aggregated CCD is omitting the Allergy Reactions and Severity elements of documented Allergies.

For urgent issues you can reach a Support Analyst 24/7 at 1-800-645-8192.