CONNECT through DIRECT Messaging, rather than calling or faxing.

Use a secure, encrypted email system available only to DirectTrust members nationally to CONNECT to other physicians and providers within the network.

CliniSync offers this service at no charge!

Tap Into Our Clinisync Directory Of Provider Email Addresses To Securely Send And Receive Encrypted Messages.
Currently, we have 15,000 DIRECT email addresses in our directory.

Hospitals, physicians, labs and other clinicians who want to use DIRECT messaging will receive a Provider DIRECTory that we’ve compiled. Right now, we send that information to you via an Excel spreadsheet, but we’re developing a members-only database through our website that will soon become available to you.

Share summaries of care (CCDs), transcribed reports, any information you’d like to send directly to another physician you need to contact.

This DIRECT messaging service – based on national protocols – allows you to remain HIPAA compliant. You can send messages with attachments, just as you do today with faxes.

This Level 3 Standard under DirectTrust allows entities to have confidence that other users in the DIRECT Community are who they say they are.

Physicians and other providers must go through an identity proofing process to be assigned DIRECT-compliant provider addresses. The provider verification process involves disclosure of personal information, provider information, practice locations and other authentication.

The end result is that CliniSync will provide you with a DIRECT address that allows you to exchange messages with others as well as those provisioned DIRECT addresses from different technology vendors.

This is possible because DirectTrust members become part of a “trust bundle” where they can send messages to any other person who was issued a DIRECT address by a accredited vendor.

If you’re a CliniSync Community Member and have a contract with us, you can receive the Directory by putting in a request at Please let us know the name of your organization, email address, and the county in which your facility is located.