Connect And Communicate With Other Providers In A Secure, Closed System Rather Than Faxing, Mailing Letters Or Using A Courier.

Need a secure way to email patient data to other providers of care?

Send and receive secure communications that follow federal protocols at no cost.

DIRECT functions like an encrypted email that makes it possible for providers to send messages that can only be accessed by the intended recipient in a secure environment. You can use DIRECT at any point in your adoption of electronic health records. Since CliniSync is a HISP (Health Information Service Provider) and an accredited member of DirectTrust, you can send and receive messages from anyone in the country who also is a member of this national group.

Connect to long-term and acute-care facilities as well as behavioral health programs and institutions.

Because LTPACs and behavioral health currently are not included in the federal Meaningful Use EHR Incentive Program, many care providers at these facilities have been isolated from electronic patient information exchange modalities. CliniSync staff has worked extensively to provision them with DIRECT email addresses. Hospitals and physicians can send Summary of Care documents (CCDs) to these care settings to meet MU requirements, but we are working to ensure that LTPACs eventually have bidirectional exchange. For now, DIRECT is the first step towards more robust exchange along the care continuum.