Contribute patient data to CliniSync‘s longitudinal record of patient care in one location.

Now’s your chance to CONTRIBUTE patient health information to the CliniSync Community.

Whether you want to send information to a specialist or you’d like other treating providers to have access to your patients’ clinical data from an office visit, CONTRIBUTE will allow you to submit information to CliniSync as well as access other providers’ contributions.

CONTRIBUTE to the CliniSync Health Information Exchange. The cost is minimal and the outcomes for your patients may be priceless!

Contribute allows practices, hospitals and other care providers to publish a patient’s clinical data so other treating care providers can view it.

What are the benefits of Contribute?

  • Helps to create a collaborative network for Ohio’s hospitals, practices, physicians, and other care providers, such as EMS personnel, pharmacists, home care specialists and social service agencies.
  • Contributes to a more comprehensive and timely picture of a patient’s health for safe, quality care.
  • Facilitates the ability for clinicians to coordinate care required by new value-based, patient-centric payment models.
  • Makes transitions of care easier through real-time, electronic delivery of patient health information, such as in long-term care.
  • Lays the foundation for the analysis of population health for a managed group of patients.

Summaries of Care (CCDs)

Summaries of Care, also known as Continuity of Care documents (CCDs), can be submitted to CliniSync and then made available for other treating providers to search for and review through the Community Health Record within CliniSync.

HL7 Interfaces

You have the ability to submit discrete Clinical Results and Reports to contribute to the longitudinal patient health record (Community Health Record) using industry standards. This includes laboratory results such as general chemistry, microbiology, blood bank and pathology, radiology studies and other transcribed reports.

If you are interested in contributing to the CliniSync Health Information Exchange, you can email us at