Integrate Patients’ Lab Results,

Radiology and transcribed reports into your EHR system with results & reports delivery.
Receive patients’ lab results, radiology and transcribed reports directly into your EHR. These include:
  • Registration Information (Admits, Discharges, Transfers)
  • Lab Results (Discrete and Textual)
  • General Chemistry, Microbiology, Blood Bank, Pathology
  • Transcribed Reports (Textual) such as Discharge Summaries
  • Radiology Reports (Studies)

Availability of these results and reports depends on what kind of report the hospital sends.

Save staff time and streamline your workflow.

With CliniSync’s Results & Reports Delivery, gone are the days when you have to use a fax machine to receive a patient’s results. The tedious process of scanning images and placing them in a patient’s record can now be eliminated. If you want to look at patient trends over time, you no longer have to do that manually. You can build “triggers” so that you send automated reminders, track patient progress, use structured data for reports and tracking, and provide a higher level of care for your patients.

Simplify the complexity of your IT environment.

Even if you’re a progressive practice and receive your results electronically, managing all of the different connections you have may be complex and costly since each one must be handled separately. Using CliniSync for Results & Reports Delivery means you’ll only have one connection, even if you need results and reports from 100 different hospitals.

Get results to your patients faster.

When you can’t get test results fast enough, your patients worry. One of the major benefits of Reports & Results Delivery is you get your results in real time. One of our physicians explained that he met with a patient, sent her to get testing done in the same building, and received the results by the time she was walking to her car – all in the same day. What a relief for your patients when they don’t have to wait days and weeks for their results to come in.

Improve your quality reporting.

Quality reporting measures – such as PQRS and HEDIS – are built on lab results and involve the result, condition, timeframe and vitals. Using Results & Reports Delivery, you can monitor patients to complete these reports. This delivery of results and reports also helps you comply with Meaningful Use requirements, which assume that you’re electronically exchanging patient information.