Hospitals Can Expand Order Capability

Electronically Place Orders To A Hospital

An electronic physician order replaces paper orders for hospital services, such as laboratory, radiology and even rehab. If you’re part of the CliniSync network, you’re already receiving results electronically from hospitals. If the hospitals you work with participate in this service, now you can electronically place those orders and receive orders back into your EHR.

Use your EHR system to directly place an order without ever going out of your existing workflow.

Even if you don’t have an EHR system, CliniSync can provide you with a software application for placing orders. In either case, your orders go directly to your hospital with options that range from automated registration to fully integrated release of orders into their Lab Information System (LIS) or Radiology Information System (RIS).

Reap the benefits of Electronic Orders, whether you’re a physician or a hospital.

For physicians, Electronic Orders decrease errors caused by misplaced faxes or illegible handwriting. Its use leverages your practice’s existing EHR technology and adapts to your existing workflow. In addition, this service reduces pressure on patients to hand carry orders to the lab and improves a practice’s efficiency by reducing paperwork, faxing and other administrative services.

For hospitals, the Electronic Orders service gives a hospital system a competitive advantage for physician outreach, facilitating results distribution and providing convenience and ease of ordering. The service increases revenue, improves physician affinity, and minimizes the complexity around receipt of orders within the hospital.