Connect To Other Providers

Through The Community Health Record
Access a single community health record of your patient’s recent encounters at hospitals.

With 155 Ohio hospitals contracted and more than 151 connected to CliniSync, you can search for and find a patient’s recent medical history all in one place. Data population in the CliniSync database begins when the hospital connects to the CliniSync production environment. That patient information is stored and becomes accessible to you when the hospital goes “live.” Eventually, physicians and other clinicians will contribute to this record.

Get a more comprehensive “picture” of your patient’s health. 

Access a patient’s facesheet, treatment history, hospital encounters, problem list, allergies, lab results, radiology and other transcribed reports exchanged through CliniSync. Check the latest patient demographic and insurance information captured by other providers. View, print or download full summaries of care for your records or create your own and download it into your existing EHR system.

Choose what parts of this record are relevant to view for your individual patient.

Maybe you only want to see the latest hospital encounter or perhaps you want to see certain lab results or a specific report, depending on your specialty. As a provider, you decide what clinical information you want to review in this record.

Access medical histories to better diagnose and treat patients in an emergency situation.

If a patient presents at the Emergency Department, staff can quickly search for information in CliniSync on that patient so they can view current conditions and past treatment. This record becomes invaluable when a patient is unconscious or unable to communicate.

Coordinate care during a patient’s transition from one care setting to another.

Whether your patient just got discharged from the hospital or is going for rehabilitation or nursing home care, CliniSync allows providers to send transition of care documents (summaries of care in a CCD-A format) through the Community Health Record.

Meet Meaningful Use criteria for Transitions of Care/Summaries of Care.

Use CONNECT to share Summary of Care documents when transitioning a patient to another provider or care setting. CliniSync is a certified member of the DirectTrust.