Allows hospitals to connect with providers to deliver results and reports.
Use the Clinical Results Inbox as an alternative to integrated delivery into your EHR interface.

Through the Clinical web portal, you will have secure access to a results and reports inbox provisioned specifically for you and your staff.

Save money on an EHR vendor interface.

This alternative allows you to offset your vendor’s charge to you to create an interface into your EHR and may fit into your current financial situation. CliniSync will assist with your setup and help configure the hospitals you expect to receive results from, at no cost.

Automatically receive registration facesheets into your inbox.

With the Clinical Results Inbox, you don’t have to query the Community Health Record to access registration information included in the facesheet. As registration information is updated, you’ll receive updated facesheets.

Filter your results and reports based on your needs.

While your filtering options won’t be as detailed as they are with an EHR integration, you are able to use certain criteria to limit results and reports based on your treatment requirements and expectations. Some filtering options include what role you are in your patient’s treatment, whether your patient was admitted as an inpatient/outpatient/or emergency, by result or report status as well as by type: ADT facesheets, general chemistry (lab), microbiology, blood bank, pathology, radiology studies and other transcribed reports. Result types are dependent on the hospital and not all hospitals send all data types.