Come Together. Right Now. Over Me.

As patients foot more of the cost of care, they are increasingly demanding higher levels of quality and efficiency from their providers. That is why hospitals, primary care and specialists are working hard to collaborate among themselves and with payers to reduce costs while maintaining what patients expect.

CliniSync streamlines the flow of data necessary to support value-based programs, a top priority for providers engaged with accountable care initiatives and/or across multiple payer programs. Much of this information is being shared manually today – an inefficient process which doesn’t allow coordinating providers or payers to support the patient in a timely, complete manner.

Upcycle Your Existing Systems

For providers and payers, CliniSync provides a single platform for exchange eliminating the need to maintain one-off interfaces with multiple organizations.

CliniSync participating hospitals can leverage their existing HIE interfaces to share data real-time with an Accountable Care Organization (ACO) or payer at no additional cost. CliniSync handles the rest using member eligibility data provided by the ACO or payer. This ensures only active member data is shared for HIPAA permitted uses. Not only will this automate and expedite your communications, you may find patients who you didn’t know had coverage.

Expand Your Tool Box

CliniSync offers multiple tools to providers and payers to facilitate case or disease management programs, pre-certification or pre-authorization requirements or to monitor and improve the quality of care.


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