CliniSync is an active member of the eHealth Exchange Hub meaning that data contributed to CliniSync can be accessed through the eHealth Exchange Hub for care of the patient. CliniSync participants can also retrieve data from other eHealth Exchange Hub participants nationwide.

What is the eHealth Exchange Hub?

The eHealth Exchange Hub includes a growing network of affiliated organizations.  When an organization queries the eHealth Exchange Hub, the query is sent out to all affiliated organizations. Any relevant data from the queried organizations is sent back in the form of one or more CCDs.

See the full list of current participants here (Filter by Participant Type to include either “Responder Only” or “Hub Two-Way” to see which data can be accessed via this connection)

How does this function relate to CliniSync?

For no additional cost, CliniSync can route client queries to the eHealth Exchange Hub. Organizations using CliniSync’s Query and Retrieve function will be able to pull down the Comprehensive CCD from the network of data sources in their own state as well as from sources across the country, including the United States’ Department of Veterans Affairs and Department of Defense..

Connecting to the eHealth Exchange Hub is the first step in CliniSync’s goal to expand connectivity on a national level. The eHealth Exchange Hub also connects to Carequality’s health information networks, including CommonWell, Surescripts, Kno2, and many other EHRs and health care organizations.

What are the benefits of connecting to the eHealth Exchange Hub?

  • CliniSync can add filtering and de-duplicate data through the Comprehensive CCD.
  • Querying entities can reach out to CliniSync directly for access to the eHealth Exchange Hub. If CliniSync participants would like to connect on their own or through their EHR, additional time and resources would need to be dedicated by the participant, including changing their existing query and retrieve (QnR) endpoints.
  • Clients who were previously unable to connect to the eHealth Exchange Hub independently will be provisioned access through routing and transformation completed by CliniSync.
  • Clients who connect through CliniSync will only need to manage a singular connection to gain access to the eHealth Exchange Hub and other networks such as Carequality.

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