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SALT LAKE CITY --Medicity, the industry standard for health information exchange (HIE), today announced broad-based support for the Office of the National Coordinator's Direct Project specifications. This support will enable any user of Medicity technology to freely exchange clinical documentation with another provider using Direct-compliant technology. It also allows Medicity customers operating health information networks to offer Health Information Service Provider (HISP) services to their communities.

The Direct Project is a federal government standard designed to enable simple, secure, email-based exchange of clinical documentation between providers. As HISPs, Medicity customers can assign and administer a health domain address (similar to an email address) for each provider in their network. With a secure health domain address, a provider can exchange clinical documentation with providers or patients registered with a HISP anywhere in the United States.

"By equipping our national client base of heath information networks to fill the HISP role, we hope to extend Direct Project participation to a significant segment of providers nationwide," said Brent Dover, Medicity's president. "Enhancing our entire product portfolio to support communication using the Direct specifications furthers our clients' and the federal government's objective of improving electronic care collaboration among providers."

Colorado and Ohio are just two of the states that will take advantage of Medicity's Direct Project Support. Medicity's approach supplements the simple messaging capabilities of the Direct Project with guaranteed delivery, advanced security and encryption, built-in HIE connectivity, access to cross-organizational provider directories, and direct integration with EMRs.

"Our partnership with Medicity with enable CORHIO to offer Colorado-based health care providers HISP services including health domain addresses for secure message exchange," said Carrie Mast, chief information officer with CORHIO, the Colorado Regional Health Information Organization. "Colorado health care providers will greatly benefit from Medicity's support of the Direct Project's messaging specifications, as well as other, more robust HIE services offered by the Medicity technology platform."

Fred Richards, the chief information officer and chief operating officer of the Ohio Health Information Partnership, the state-designated entity charged with creating a health information exchange in Ohio, said Medicity's support of the Direct Project will allow his organization to reach out to physicians and healthcare professionals who might not yet have advanced technology.

"The simple direct message protocol allows additional stakeholders to participate in Ohio's statewide health information exchange who might not be using more sophisticated protocols," Richards said. "The Ohio Health Information Partnership is excited to be able to act as a HISP and offer the Direct protocols to improve access to clinical messages."

"Our mission is to provide every clinician in the state of Ohio a way to securely and easily move clinical information to enhance patient care," added Dan Paoletti, acting chief executive officer of the Ohio Health Information Partnership. "The strategic partnership with Medicity – along with their commitment to assist Ohio Health Information Partnership in meeting ONC's goals – creates an exciting opportunity for Ohio providers to expand the meaningful exchange of health information to improve patient outcomes and efficiency of patient care."