Press Releases


The Ohio Health Information Partnership (OHIP) announced today that it has completed the Request for Proposals process and identified five Electronic Health Record (EHR) companies as Preferred Vendors for its initiative to expand the use of EHRs in Ohio. OHIP is committed to assisting 6,000 physicians and other health care providers adopt and meaningfully use a certified EHR system by 2012.

OHIP is a non-profit entity that was created to assist Ohio physicians and other providers with the implementation and adoption of health information technology. It was founded by the Ohio Hospital Association, the Ohio Osteopathic Association, the Ohio State Medical Association, BioOhio, and the State of Ohio.

The five preferred EHR Vendors are: Allscripts Professional; eClinicalWorks Unified EMR/PM Solution version 8; e-MDs Solution Series 6.3.0; Next Gen Healthcare EHR; and Sage Intergy suite 6.0.

According to Fred Richards, the COO and CIO of OHIP, the selection process to identify these vendors was rigorous. "More than 40 vendors applied to be recognized as a Preferred Vendor for OHIP. We examined each thoroughly and identified these five vendors as the best choices. OHIP also sought and received special considerations from these vendors for the providers who use OHIP's program. This includes discounted rates, favorable contract terms, and additional technical support."

OHIP used a number of criteria to select its Preferred Vendors, including:

Sufficient functionality to meet current provider needs.

Proven capacity to handle the demand for services created by the OHIP program.

Willingness to hire and train Ohio residents as EHR implementation and training staff.

Commitment that all technical support will be conducted within the United States.

Commitment to meeting national certification and meaningful use requirements.

Richards said providers are not required to use the five vendors in order to participate in OHIP's program. "We took this step because we felt providers would appreciate assistance in reviewing vendors and identifying the ones that we thought could meet the providers' needs within the timelines established by the program."

The Preferred Vendors will work in cooperation with OHIP's seven Regional Partners who will provide the hands-on assistance that providers may need to successfully select, implement, and launch an EHR.

Providers who adopt a certified EHR and meet defined performance standards will qualify for financial incentives from Medicare or Medicaid. Plus, primary care providers will qualify for subsidized technical support from OHIP's regional partners during the process of EHR selection, implementation, and meeting performance standards.

"OHIP's mission is to improve the quality and value of health care by allowing authorized providers to have secure access to a patient's health information – between providers, between providers and hospitals, and between providers and labs and pharmacies. It will help assure continuity of care and it will help lower heath care costs," Richards said.