Improving Ohio's Health: Technology Tactics to Make Patient Engagement Easier

Technology Tactics to Make Patient Engagement Easier


This article is part of a series devoted to hypertension and diabetes in Ohio and the prevalence of these chronic conditions. It explores the importance and use of technology for patient engagement as an essential key towards improving outcomes of patients with these conditions.

It used to be that patients would show up at the doctor’s office, do what the doctor said, never look at their own medical records, and rarely question decisions made about their health. But numerous studies today show that patients who are actively involved in their health care have better outcomes and experience lower costs. Lecturing patients about potential future health issues or worsening conditions does not provoke or inspire patients to become engaged. Instead, care teams should make information relatable and personal to engage patients to become partners in their own care. You probably already have taken steps in this direction in your own practice, so let’s look at what you can do to focus on engaging your patients and improving their care.

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