Improving Ohio's Health: Update on Ohio's Data

Update on Ohio's Data for Managing Patients With Hypertension and Diabetes

by Cathy Costello, JD, CPHIMS, Director of CliniSyncPLUS Services

It seems like everyone in health care is swimming in data. Anyone who works in the health care area knows that since the introduction of EHR systems, getting data is not the issue. The issue is being able to analyze and interpret the data to determine what may be meaningful for your day-to-day work with patients to improve care.

As a recipient of two grants from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the Ohio Department of Health is working to improve the prevention and management of chronic diseases. Part of this is using hypertension and diabetes data to inform program initiatives and help guide hospitals and practices in setting priorities for workflow change. This grant provides the opportunity to look at this data over a period of several years. It supports population-wide approaches to the prevention of obesity, diabetes, heart disease and stroke in Ohio, starting with the collection of baseline data. Each year of the grant, the Ohio Department of Health (ODH) is collecting hypertension and diabetes data from health systems around the state.

Ohio started collecting both hospital discharge and ambulatory data in 2014. Over time, the data will be used to identify trends and support efforts to improve patient care.

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