Improving Ohio's Health: Using EHR Functionality to Manage Patients With Hypertension and Diabetes

Using EHR Functionality to Manage Patients With Hypertension & Diabetes[1]


Many documents, articles and scientific literature outline overall strategies and best
practices to implement for improving outcomes and managing patients with
hypertension and diabetes. One of the often overlooked and underutilized tools in the
treatment of hypertension and diabetes is the Electronic Health Record (EHR). This
article will focus specifically on the use of advanced EHR functions to manage patients
with these conditions as one tool in the larger toolbox.
EHR functions linked to interoperability have the potential to dramatically increase the
overall health of patients as a result of improved access to patient clinical data. The
EHR also is central to coordination of care in the community. This discussion will
include information on the following EHR tools:

 Clinical Decision Support (CDS) rules
 Problem-based order sets
 Patient lists/reminders
 Other useful EHR functions, including patient portal

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