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Public Health Reporting

Contribute public health reports

to the Ohio Department of Health (ODH)
Leverage CliniSync’s connection with ODH to meet public health Meaningful Use measures.

Eligible Hospitals (EHs) and Eligible Professionals (EPs) enter the data directly into their system and transmit the information electronically to the CliniSync HIE in the required format necessary to meet ODH and MU requirements. More than 40 hospitals are successfully sending public health data through the CliniSync HIE today.

Review comprehensive fact sheets to prepare for Public Health Reporting through CliniSync.

CliniSync and ODH have create public health fact sheets for each supported measure to assist EH/EPs and their vendors with preparing for public health reporting.

Register your intent to attest to Public Health measures and access ODH’s requirements.
Understand and verify what your EHR vendor needs to do to enable Public Health Reporting.

Sign up to find out more information or to talk to a CliniSync representative.

Eligible Providers (EPs) not owned by a CliniSync Participating Hospital must purchase the CliniSync’s CONTRIBUTE service. 

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