Crash through brick and mortar. Access the right data when and where you need it. Get patient health information quickly. Coordinate care with other health professionals.

Breaking through the brick and mortar of hospital corridors and practice walls, we’re building a health exchange that allows everyone in the healthcare community to exchange patient health information, no matter where they’re located.    

As one of the most successful health information exchanges in the nation, CliniSync has connected 149 of 157 contracted hospitals. We've also connected thousands of physicians and  more than 500 long-term, post-acute care facilities. Our Provider Directory includes 15,000 Direct email addresses. We're not just connecting physicians and practices, we're involving EMS personnel so they can view information on the run, providing notifications if someone is admitted or discharged from the hospitao or Emergency Department, and facilitating the exchange of Continuity of Care Documents so clinicans can get a better picture of a patient's health.

Find out more about CliniSync by clicking on the FAQs below. If you can’t find the information you need, contact us at: